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Accounting Services

  • Organization and supervision of accounting departments
  • Preparation of accounting statements fully harmonized with the current legislation
  • Accounting analyses, financial results and Reporting system
  • Company staffing (HRM) and company payroll management based on labor and insurance legislation
  • Establishment and transformation of any form of business
  • Costing
  • Processing of paperwork and dealings with the Public Sector (Tax Offices, Insurance Offices, Municipality, Chambers) and Banks

Tax Services

  • Tax support of companies and provision of tax and financial advice according to the sector and the business in which each company operates
  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns of individuals and legal entities
  • Preparation and submission of real estate tax returns of individuals and legal entities
  • Special tax issues of foreign residents
  • Preparation of documentation files for intra-group transaction (transfer pricing)

Consulting Services

  • Developmental planning and studies
  • Government funding (grants)
  • Investment plans
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts and issuing of loans
  • Financial advice and restructuring of business loans
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Management Consulting
  • Social media
  • Networking
  • Real Estate Management
  • Issuance of legal documents and licenses for individuals and legal entities
  • Legal services in collaboration with experienced and specialized partners
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuation for sale – acquisition of part or the whole company
  • Design and monitoring of business plans (business planning)
  • Budgeting
  • Financial studies
  • Liquidity control
  • Cash flow management & forecasting

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